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Glazed Rustic Porcelain Tile - 24 Inch x 12 Inch (DK-LD024-2)

Glazed Rustic Porcelain Tile - 24 Inch x 12 Inch (DK-LD024-2)


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Qingdao, China 30 days
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Glazed Rustic Porcelain Tile - 24 Inch x 12 Inch
  • Imitated natural stone
  • Solid texture, compression resistant and wear-resistant
  • Advanced glaze, durable and stain resistant
  • 3D print technique, rough and matte surface, close to nature
  • Natural clay and glaze fired at a high temperature, without radiation pollution
  • Precise measure, appropriate for all residential floor, wall applications
  • Suggested Purchased Area = N*60㎡, for maximum saving shipping cost

Glazed Rustic Porcelain Tile

Material Porcelain
Application Places Indoor Floor
Water Absorption <0.1%
Pattern Rustic
Finish Rustic Tiles
Total Pieces/Case 8 Pieces
Item Length 24.0 In.
Item Width 12.0 In.
Item Thickness 9.5 mm
Item Weight 8.8 Lbs.
Package Length 24.0 In.
Package Width 12.0 In.
Package Height 4 In.
Package Weight 70 Lbs.
Country of Origin China
Everything Inside N/A
Price based on Square Meters

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